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Architectural Installation

Architectural Biannale of South Africa

Cape Town City Hall 

Cape Town, SA - 2012


Erected at the David Bloomberg reception room in Cape Town's City Hall for the duration of the Architectural Biannale of South Africa,

The installation explores the use of (digital) DATA as raw material for the built environment. During period of 365 days enviormental readings from Table Mountain seroundings where collected  Using advanced hardware & software tools (meteorlogic sensors, scripting & programming languages) the digital DATA was captured analysed. Once prossed, the DATA was fed into dynamic system of algoritmic procedurs, to create the final, non aucledian, complex geometry. The structure is designed to contain 1648  unique parts which where laser cut out of recycle plasic sheets. The structure was transported to site in three major parts, assambled and hoisted to position. 


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