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("and let me play among the stars...")

Luxury Penthouse


Barcelona, Spain - 2020

Connected staircase between upper and lower roof top terraces

for a private client. 

Amazing 360 degrees view of barcelona skyline, from the upper rooftop of this unique penthouse, where "discovered" due to the installation of a new spiral staircase.

Due to the load bearing characteristics of the building, the staircase was designed to be hanged from the upper roof floor.

A steel structure was specially made to support the staircase from its upper (top) part

To reduce work time on site, the staircase was completely fabricated and painted at the workshop. Then it  was transported to site and heavy load mobile crane lifted the support structure and the staircase  to its final position where it was fixed to the building structure.

The design process was included a carton, 1 to 1 scale model for better understanding of the space.


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