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Wall Sculptures Collection 

Barcelona, Spain - 2015


The collection investigates the patterns emerged while a continuous flow of liquid is being thrown on solid discontinued surfaces.


For each piece in the collection, a solid timber board was constructed using 60mm x 60mm timber profiles (fir tree) which where "glue pressed" together to form a single board. Each individual timber profile was cut to unique height to allow for minimal machine time.


Manual finishing, as well as a mixture of natural oils were applied to achieve a smooth continuous “liquid like” final surface


The pieces of the collection are:

(as per appearance order)


  • Untitled

    30cm x 90cm

  • Macho

    70cm x 110cm

  • Hembra

    70 x 110

  • Estamos Juntos (Part One)

    30cm x 70cm

  • Estamos Juntos (Part Two)

    30cm x 70cm

  • Fluids (comming soon)

    300cm x 120cm

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