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Interactive Art Installation


Ayuntamento de Barcelona,

Instituto de Cultura Barcelona,

Radio Africa Magazine


Barcelona, Spain - 2016


Created for Barcelona City Council's activities related to the “Making Africa” exhibition at the CCCB (Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona), “The Satellite” represents the connection between our times and the future of the African Continent.


Metaphorically speaking: during the forties, from an unknown place on the African continent, “The Satellite” launched into orbit.

Serving humanity till present “The Satellite” returned to planet earth and classified as “Non Usable” (typical process for satellites of this kind) 


...and as the story goes, it was discovered that the remainings of “The Satellite” can communicate with the future using advanced communication technologies like Twitter.

When "The Satellite" detects a tuit, it reacts in two simultaneous ways:

First, it changes the frequencies and flashes its analog bulbs, and second it prints the tuit content as well as the #hashtag and logo of the festival, using a mini thermal printer. 


" ...Through public participation, "The Satellite" manifest the arrival of a new tuit, creating a symphony of light shade and color, provoking emotions and illusions, all activated by the general public..."


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